Conference Programme

We’re happy to announce that 2018 conference is starting on 9th of July and we will be happy to see you there. This year our conference is focused  is all about celebrating the leadership and stewardship of the past, understanding the present landscape and looking toward the future for physical education, health and the outdoors.


We’ve already looked at accomodation options for you! PENZ members get special offers, so we encourage you to look into them. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer ut tellus nulla. Phasellus eu purus eu erat iaculis volutpat. Vestibulum sollicitudin dapibus quam, non convallis lorem posuere et. Vivamus ullamcorper blandit dictum. Donec non leo vel urna semper rhoncus ac quis leo. Donec ac interdum neque

Keynote Speakers

This year we’ve invited a lot of interesting people. Here you can see a little bit of an information about the speaker and his programme and decide, which ones you definitely don’t want to miss out on!


Here you can look at some of the presentations . This will give you a general idea of what might interest you at the conference and you can even submit your own!